With over 20 years of leadership experience in various industries, including insurance, healthcare, and finance. Before pursuing his entrepreneurial endeavors, he held executive positions with companies, including JPMorgan Chase, Allstate, and LegalShield.


Business Executive With A Mission A strategic thinker and former President of several companies, James’ achievements include leading to double-digit growth, successful mergers and acquisitions, and establishing new business processes. Additional experience includes working with several startups and developing over 300 partnerships. Skillful in finance and audit, James’s expertise is multifaceted – ranging from the aforementioned to B2B sales and marketing as well.


A proud and active community member, James currently serves on the DeVry University Board of Trustees and chairs their Audit and Finance Committee. Upon the CEO’s departure in 2020, he led DeVry’s Transition Team, comprised of several board and management members. Additionally, he is an executive coach and leadership facilitator for ThinkHuman, a client-focused approach to achieving sustainable growth.


Change Agent For Human Potential

As a natural communicator, empowering others to reach their full potential is one of his passions. He firmly supports creating infrastructure, systems, and processes that allow people to live their purpose.

Applying his professional and personal experiences, he formulates replicable techniques and mechanisms to open up opportunities for many, not only a few. With a focus on youth, James wants to provide younger generations with access to tools that can change their lives for the better. He helps to instill self-advocacy and strive to dissolve negative feelings associated with the “comparison syndrome,” helping youth to focus on their goals and objectives and achieve them. James has faced, confronted, and overcome major challenges by always maintaining his faith and applying his robust work ethic while feeding his drive to succeed.